Cleanroom design for a manufacturer of medical products and devices, Slovakia


Our client is a major manufacturer of medical products used in intensive care, surgery, angiography and enteral patient nutrition. The client ́s company has a global presence, with some production facilities located in Slovakia.


We provide cleanroom futureproofing as a part of the design phase. The same was true during the design of this client ́s cleanroom.

The design began with the preparation of a study. It was important to first study the necessary work procedures, production technologies, material flows, work systems and personnel needs. Subsequently, we focused on the preparation of documents for designers, the creation of a responsible workgroup and a design team, as well as the management of the design process. The design phase was followed by engineering activities (including EIA), in order to obtain a building permit.

The design preparation process and the cleanroom design itself require expertise and precision. During the whole process, we were actively communicating with the client, so that the client always knew about all our actions taken. Take a look at the cleanrooms that we constructed for this company.

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