Measurement and regulation for a manufacturer of medical products, Slovakia


Our client is a major manufacturer of medical products used in intensive care, surgery, angiography and enteral patient nutrition. The client ́s company has a global presence, with some production facilities located in Slovakia.


As part of the implementation of measurement and control, we provided the client with a series of services. We focused on the implementation of a new system for measuring and controlling air conditioning and cleanrooms, high- current and low-current electrical switchboards construction, as well as a construction of a system for monitoring critical substance levels in cleanrooms. We also implemented air conditioning management, as well as cooling, heating and humidification management. All services pursue a common goal, namely to create a quality cleanroom that is suitable for medical devices and components production. We provide not only cleanroom monitoring and adjusting, but also turnkey construction. View our project.

More about the service: Cleanroom air conditioning monitoring



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