Periodic laboratory equipment validation for a diagnostic laboratory, Slovakia


Our client operates and provides quality laboratory diagnostics in several laboratories in Slovakia. The client focuses on human and veterinary medicine, outpatient services and counseling. The client also operates sampling points, where Covid-19 sampling takes place.


We provided the client with laboratory equipment validation. As part of periodic validations, we validate pre- analytical laboratory equipment, production technology, storage technology, sterilization technology (centrifuges), incubators, heating plates, heating mixers, refrigerators, freezers, shock freezers, climatic chambers, thrombo agitators and cooling boxes. The validation frequency is determined by the client on the basis of internal standards or regulations. When planning the validation date, we try to meet the client ́s requirements, and therefore, we can carry out the validations also outside the client’s working hours.

More about the service: Laboratory equipment validation



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