Dedusting of a weighing plant for the pharmaceutical industry in Slovakia


Our client owns a global healthcare company. The main scope of the company is research, development and production of innovative drugs, vaccines and over-the-counter healthcare products. One of the client’s production plants is located in Slovakia.


The client contacted us with a request to design a solution for removing dust from the laboratory workbench during the weighing of problematic chemical additives into the product. At the same time, the client demanded the provision of laminar air flow, because the extracted dust is a dangerous substance in high concentration. The solution consisted of using Camfil Zephyr III and CamSafe technologies. We designed the solution to include pre-filtration, suction and filtration through CamSafe boxes.

The captured problematic substance is separated in several stages of filtration using various technologies – a high pressure separator and safety filter boxes belonging to class 3 tightness category according to ISO 10648-2, at -6,000 Pa and with final filtration efficiency of 99.995%.

The technology includes a safe BIBO system for contactless, hermetically sealed handling of used filters. The safe filtered air returns to the production area and ensures physically stable and energy-efficient production environment. Although these solutions do not currently fall under the area of our interest, our work proves that we try to solve all demanding and individual requirements of our clients. For the client, we also implemented an individual solution in the case of air purifiers and a strategy to eliminate the spread of Covid-19 at workplaces.

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