Contactless 3D premises disinfection


We disinfect also hard-to-reach,
or previously inaccessible spaces.

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Contactless disinfection

resistance free

We use Sanosil, a certified Swiss product. It is non-toxic and without any reported microbial resistance.

spaces, too

Dry mist disinfection, while disinfecting the entire air conditioning system, also reaches hard-to-reach spaces.


Contact with Sanosil does not cause materials to corrode. Technologies do not have to be moved away, as they will not be damaged by the disinfection process.

Certified  disinfection

We received a Certificate of proficiency from the Regional public health authority of the Slovak republic in Trnava for professional use of disinfectants.

  • The premises disinfection criteria are strict. Finding a suitable disinfectant and a disinfection method that is effective and at the same time does not damage the equipment in the disinfected room is not easy.
  • In our practice, dry mist disinfection proved effective. It is a contactless disinfection method using modern equipment generating fine mist from a disinfectant solution. The mist fills up the entire space that needs to be disinfected, including inaccessible or hard-to-reach spaces, without the need to move equipment and technology away from the disinfected area. This greatly increases the disinfection efficiency.
  • • 3D disinfection can also be used to disinfect the air conditioning system, both when it is switched on or off. Thanks to the air conditioning system disinfection, the air handling units remain hygienically clean, the heat exchangers are significantly less clogged, which reduces the risk of contamination of the premises through air conditioning.

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  • Sanosil is a professional Swiss disinfectant. Since 1982, it has had no reported microbial resistances. It is a solution utilizing the synergistic effect of hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver.
  • • This highly efficient solution inactivates viruses, is bactericidal, fungicidal and sporicidal, removes biofilm and is certified to use against nidoviruses and  coronaviruses.
  • • The solution is gentle  to the surfaces in the  disinfected premises. It is non-corrosive and does not damage electrical or optical equipment. It is not flammable or explosive.
  • As one of only a few  disinfectants on the market, it is biodegradable (EPA certified) and suitable for direct contact  with food. It is non-toxic for humans or animals.
  • It comes with the required registrations  and certifications. Its effects are long-lasting, which means that it does not need to be used in conjunction with  other disinfectants.

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Care of air

of our 3D disinfection activities

  • Contactless disinfection of cleanrooms and special premises.
  • Contactless disinfection of premises, devices and equipment.
  • Contactless disinfection of air conditioning and components.
  • Regular turnkey disinfection service, set up according to the client’s individual requirements.
  • Disinfectants and equipment sales, staff training.

Care of air

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