Cleanroom construction for the electrotechnical industry, Slovakia


Our client operates on the international market focused on the provision of electronic production services. Their production division in Slovakia needed new premises, in which to continue their current production, but in an increased volume. The company’s main production articles are cables, wires and various electronic components.


Our client already had experience with cleanrooms, as they still manufacture and inspect manufactured products in them. This time, however, they needed not only a construction contractor, but a contractor who would analyze all the solutions, ensure inputs, as well as implementation, and provide control during implementation and validation. Simply, they were looking for a turnkey cleanroom.

Due to the fact that we managed the project from the very beginning, we knew how to design optimal solutions and think through all the construction details. During the design, we considered cleanroom modularity and the possibility of adjusting the cleanliness class according to the client’s production needs. The cleanroom was constructed as an insert within the production hall. Therefore, it was necessary to take into account the statics and possibilities of the cleanroom, in which we implemented the construction. After consulting on technical solutions, we started to manage the construction process.

Part of the management was not only the selection of subcontractors, but also the control and management of their work. The filtration system consisted of a set of FFU units with HEPA filters, which can be controlled through a proprietary PLC system via a display. The FFU units are connected to a branch within each room, thanks to which it is possible to set the parameters for each cleanroom separately. The structure is steel, the walls are made up of a panel system suitable for cleanrooms, including windows. Safety doors with an interlock function with acoustic signaling in case of opening are a matter of course. Visual signaling is handled by a traffic light. The colors of the traffic light signal the state of readiness of the area and the suitability of the entry of personnel. This is an important safety feature. Special connecting materials suitable for cleanrooms and ESD environments were used throughout the cleanroom. The area ofthe cleanroom is 262 m2. The required ISO 7 cleanliness class has been validated both out of service and during service by our experienced validation specialists.

The PLC system serves not only to set the parameters of the cleanroom, but also to monitor the state of the production space. After professional training, the client can set critical parameters on his own, our technician can also check the parameters through remote access.

At CARE OF AIR, the cooperation with the client does not end the construction of the cleanroom. Our company is not only a service supplier, but also provides professional technical support, regular validation service and the option of complete filter management. In practice, our company is able to take care of replacing all stages of filtration. We maintain a schedule of validations, periodic inspections and revisions. The client’s only concern is to agree on the date of our visit and to prepare the premises for the planned work.

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