Design and implementation of a mobile cleanroom for the food industry, Slovakia


Our client operates in the field of Food and Beverage Services. It focuses on the production of various types of own baked goods, while also distributing some types to business partners outside of Slovakia. In Slovakia, our client has built a well-known and strong brand. The quality of its products and especially the production processes are at a global level.


The client was looking for a solution to keep their bakery products fresh as long as possible without using chemical additives. The solution should be located at the part of the conveyor belt, where the pastry comes out of the oven. The pastry is hot, sensitive to the surrounding conditions, and it is in this critical phase that it is necessary to ensure the maximum cleanliness of the environment in order to maintain the quality of the product.

We designed a custom-made mobile cleanroom – a lightweight, aluminum structure with slatted walls and a covered ceiling, which houses a filtration system. The system units filter air through ProSafe Camfil HEPA filters, which are recommended for the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries.

We managed the entire process of creating a mobile cleanroom, from creating a 3D design and choosing a suitable solution, to installation of the structure and commissioning. The final stage of our work was professional validation of the cleanroom to the required cleanliness class of ISO 7.

We used materials that meet the needs of the food industry. The structure is equipped with mobile safety elements, so that if necessary, the client can move it to another part of the conveyor belt. The modularity of our cleanrooms is one of the key features that we never forget.

For this project, we designed our own measurement and regulation system. The cleanroom parameters can be set on the display. The client can continuously monitor the cleanroom operating temperature and humidity, both of which are critical for him as a primary producer. At the same time, they can see the operating mode and status of the filtration system. This monitoring is also performed by us. This way, it is possible to promptly order and install any new pre-filters or HEPA filters.

The need for production in cleanrooms of various cleanliness classes is becoming an essential standard in the food and beverage sectors. The client will appreciate that in the form of their own production that meets the necessary quality parameters. Thanks to our experience in the construction of cleanrooms, we are able to design them to be functional, effective and efficient.

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